5 Solo Parent Challenges: Single Parenting Tips for Solutions

single parenting tips

It is not only financial; emotional challenges can be more overwhelming to any single parent. Seeing your child grow without the other parent, whether the lacking one is mother of father, can pull you down. To the different challenges confronting a single parent there are single parenting tips as solutions.

Let me put own the five challenges to solo parents that are very common. To each of the challenges, there are recommended single parenting tips and answers.

Single parenting tips on challenge 1 – you are alone

single parenting tipsYou are a single parent so you have to be the carer 24/7. You are alone and there is no one to pass on the responsibility when you want to take a brief respite from the parenting job.

Single parenting tips and solutions vary. One, you can put the child to sleep and have this as a chance to take a nap too. You can turn on the television to his favorite program. Let him get engrossed to what is being watched. Then, you can sit down and take your rest or do some pending chores. If the child already is a bit bigger, give him crayons or play dough to make him busy. Never mind the clutters because if you confine him in a small place to work in, the mess can be easily tidied.

Challenge 2 is about financial problems

The biggest challenge that can stress you out as single parent is financial problem. Whose parent heart will not melt when the baby cries because he is hungry and you have no money to buy him food? You will understand why some parents go out to beg even to complete strangers.  

If you are a single mom, go to the child’s father and ask for legal financial support. This is only possible though when he has a job. If he doesn’t have, check if your state has some aid for solo mothers. My single parenting tips would be about proper budgeting. The first thing to do is list down the very basic necessities like food. You do not need clothing every time so cross this out. Rent, light and water are next to food. Stick first on these for regular expenses and as much as possible limit the usage.

Challenge 3 is about decision making

Reminding you of the first challenge, always remember that you are alone, not only in taking care of the child but in making decisions that concern him. You can ask for advices from family members or friends but at the end of the day, the final say is from you.

This will not be very hard if your child is already bigger and has a mind of his own. You can consult with him and sure enough, his suggestions can help you decide. But when he is still incapable of this, use yours decision making expertise. You have the suggestions from family and friends. Weigh each and pick the best and doable recommendations.

Challenge 4 is when you have to share the kid with the other parent

One big stress occurs when the child is in the custody of the other parent. Even if the stay is only temporary, your mild will be anxious if the other parent is brainwashing your child. It is so hard to go with a life without the child.

Single parenting tips will warn you not to be frantic. Never think negative unless you have roof that the child is being brainwashed. You will know because your child’s loyalty is with you and he will tell you what the other parent tells him. The best solution is to make use of your free time while the child is with the other parent. Go out with friends or do something useful, perhaps get part time job to add some bucks for your child’s necessities.

Challenge 5 is the assurance that you are doing the right thing

Often, you will ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. Indeed it is a huge challenge to check if you are complying with the strict rules of single parenthood.

What you could do is check the merits of your parenting. How is the child behaving? Is it good morals and respect? Determine where you fall short and improve. No person is perfect but you can always make amends to attain perfection.

These are not the only single parenting tips that you can find. There are more and in many cases, the challenges can be gender sensitive. The challenges can also be on case to case, depending on the situation one is in. Nevertheless, there are always single parenting tips that can be solutions. No problem is left unresolved.

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