Disciplining Children According To Their Age

disciplining children

Children of all ages cannot be dealt with in the same manner. When you children are in their early years of life, the ways in which they need to learn how to behave are different than those your older kids. If you try to discipline all of your children in a similar way, it can affect their mental health and even decrease the levels of their confidence and self-esteem.

1-4 Years Old

disciplining childrenTo start with, when your child learns to grab things and wants to discover what those breakables around the house are for or how they sound when they break, you cannot scold them to put it away. You, as a parent, have to act smart in this situation and put away all the breakables, or place them at such spots where your child cannot reach.

As the child grows, he wants to see your reaction in certain situation. He or she might just disagree with you to be amused by how you react. Your best bet is to not create situations where the kid gets the advantage of creating a situation or has too many choices to pick from. If you have to, explain your side calmly and do not yell at any costs. If there is a show of tantrum, ignore it and do not accept the child’s selection just because you want to get rid of the argument. This will spoil your child.

5-7 Years Old

At this age, a child is sensible enough to understand your statements and work accordingly. But, they are still a kid despite their developing understanding. If you do not listen to them, they might start misbehaving. There are a number of ways to make your child see that this is not the right attitude. You could tell them to think how they would feel if someone did the same thing to them, i.e. misbehaving, hitting, shouting etc. Moreover, you can have a chart that can be marked with golden stars. If your child misbehaves, remove one of the stars from that day and set rewards or punishments according to the number of stars left at the end of the day.

Have your child participate in small chores at home. This is one of the best ways to gain confidence. The child will feel better about themselves and in return, try to maintain their good behavior.

8-10 Years Old

At this age, your child will listen to you if you sit down with them and politely explain the consequences of their behavior. Now they are out of the phase where they would be argumentative about every little thing but they are still not grown-up enough to be able to see what is it that they need to do to manage all of their activities. This is where you are supposed to help them see that they are capable of making the right choices without having to argue about it.

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