Disciplining Children: Ways and Techniques

disciplining children

Some people resort to shouting at their children, while others think that if they beat up their kids, they will learn to behave because they will be scared of being spanked again. Both of these are not the right ways if you want to discipline your kids for the long-term. You need to adopt ways that will help your children learn their lessons so that they do not repeat their mistakes.

Let Them Learn

disciplining childrenIf you will keep interrupting them when they are not constantly listening to you, they will make it a habit and learn nothing at all. Sometimes, you need to leave things up to your children so they are able to see the outcome of their actions themselves. For example, if they keep trying to break their favorite toy by throwing it on the floor and you have stopped them a few times but there is no change in behavior, leave them to it. Once the toy is broken, they cannot play with it any more. The next time your child is about to do the same to something else, they’ll remember their lesson.


It might be surprising, but sometimes when your kid is being stubborn and wouldn’t give up on something you do not want them to do, ignoring them can be the best solution. How long will the kid cry and scream all by themselves? At one point or another, the child will see that no one is listening or being accepting of their stubbornness and will eventually give up.


When you deprive your children of the necessary attention that they require to behave properly, they think that the only way to have you listen to them and fulfill their wishes is by misbehaving. You need to listen to the needs of your children and fulfill them if they are reasonable. If you think that your child is clinging on to something that is totally unnecessary and out of bounds, you can try to talk to them and convince them otherwise. If your child is too small for verbal understanding, you should, as a parent, be able to divert their attention towards something else very tactfully.


It is human nature to be attracted towards doing something that will reward you with something at the end. Same is the case with children. If they feel like they will be appreciated for being good and keeping their good manners, they will try their best to behave properly. As a parent, you should not delay the reward or wait to give your child something big. Give your children little rewards like their favorite snack, or candy if they are able to keep their best behavior.

You have to deal with your children skilfully, in such a manner, that they do not feel suffocated or like they are being punished all the time, but at the same time, learn their lessons and manners.

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