Fun Parenting Worksheets to Elicit Kid’s Response

parenting skills worksheets

After school, your child will be too lazy to go over the lessons they had in school. The activities that may interest them more are playing, watching TV and playing games. They can already be saturated with lessons in the classroom. But you know that your child has to catch up because he has not been finishing his school tasks. Extra lessons at home can be despicable from your child’s point of view. Have you tried fun parenting skills worksheets to make your child do his classroom lessons at home? Can you think of any other way that can elicit your child’s response?

Skills worksheets may not be the cup of tea for your small kid. They already had worksheets in school and just hearing this word can make him furrow or cringe. The mindset is that he already had done hard work in school. However, there is variety of ways by which you can encourage your child to do parenting skills worksheets. And worksheets from the internet can be conceived as extension of online games. This method can further the skills acquired from school. But the problem is how you can entice your child to work on the worksheets laid on his study table?

There are three techniques.

  • The worksheets must be a way to draw rewards.
  • The worksheets must be a replacement of books.
  • The worksheets are as fun and interesting as the games he plays online.

Parenting skills worksheets and impact of rewards

parenting skills worksheetsOne of the most effective methods to draw the interest of your kid on doing fun parenting skills worksheets at home is via the reward he gets after doing it. Know what reward your child is interested in. But as a warning, refrain from rewarding him with money. A completed and well-accomplished worksheet may give him extra thirty minutes of the use of his iPad.

Now, why do you have to give him these parenting skills worksheets?  The worksheets are tantamount to reviewing the lessons taken in school. With this, he acquires a better grasp of the subject. Sometimes, children know the lesson while in school but easily forget when they go home. Doing this daily will have an impact on the child where he anticipates the reward after doing the worksheet. Call it bribery but as parent, you will do anything to elicit a response from your kid.

Worksheets in lieu of tutorial lessons

Children do not get a full grasp of the lesson in school. This is because they could be distracted with the presence of classmates. But he would hate opening his books at home and be tutored. For him, tutorial lessons are simply extending classroom time. Worksheets are good alternatives to review lessons. The child will be presented a different approach that he may not construe as the same thing he did in school.

Treat worksheets as a game of fun

You can make the parenting skills worksheets to look like a fun game, a puzzle for instance. You can create your own or you can download worksheets from the internet. Do not just hand him the worksheet and let him do it alone. What better fun it would be if you also do an identical worksheet with him. Then you also do it as he does it, making it appear that you are having a contest or race. Having finished, give him the pleasure of checking the works; let him compare your works and make him realize his error if he has. It will be a good way of making him remember. If he does it correctly, that will boost his self-esteem.

Doing parenting skills worksheets may not appeal initially to your child. However, making it a game of fun with expected rewards can elicit his interest. He may even look forward to frequent sessions, especially when he does it with a parent or an older sibling.

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