Funny Parenting Tips on Becoming a Consistent Parent

funny parenting tips

Entering parenthood is a blessing and being a parent will require you to have a special project that will run all throughout your life, until your very end. And if you believe in angels, you can turn to be one and still spread your wings over your children. If there are saints in the lives of the children, they are the parents. However, there are a lot of funny parenting tips that will lead you to be the role models your children will emulate.

Parents are bound to care and nurture their children. It is a must to rear and steer them to the right direction to become law-abiding citizens and God-fearing creatures. Consistency is an integral part in accomplishing the job. And there are funny parenting tips to achieve this exigent goal. But at the end of the day, consistency will pay dividends.

Funny parenting tips – know what consistency is about

funny parenting tipsConsistency is about having to do things repeatedly – over and over. In the funny parenting tips, you will reckon that you have to establish reasonable rules for your children and being consistent is sticking to these rules. This is not being harsh to the offspring; you do not have to be tough but you have to say “No” when they tend to unfollow the rules. You will discover that children throw tantrums as their defense mechanism to get what they want. They can cry, plead or even use their unassuming charms to make you say “Yes”. Do not be swayed otherwise you will no longer be consistent.

Set the ground rules and boundaries for consistency

In sailing the rough sea of being a consistent parent, your starting point would be setting the rules and fencing these with well-defined boundaries.

The rule is very simple and that is obedience. This is all-encompassing because it is following what you ask them to do. It can be about health or medical, educational, physical, spiritual and social.

The boundaries as previously said must be clear.

  • What is the child allowed to do at home, in school and in the community?
  • How should he act in these places or situations?
  • Where is he allowed to go?
  • When is he allowed to go out?
  • What is the time limit when allowed to do something or go somewhere? As the child gets older, you can set the boundary on whom to go with.

What are the funny parenting tips about the boundaries? They are hard to implement because you do not want to restrict your children to things that can make them sad. What parents could do is find ways to make the children take the restrictions in a positive way. Emphasize the goodness the rules and boundaries could bring to them. There are children who could not process negative statements; there are children who would love to contradict the “NOs”.

There are more funny parenting tips on this. One is ensuring that your rules and boundaries are age-appropriate. They should also be reasonable otherwise you will cause your child to be rebellious and frustrated. That will result to loss of bond between children and parents.

Never dare to break your ground rules but there comes a time for changes

Stick to your rules because if you break them, your children will get the idea that they can sway you and make you change your mind. This is especially true when your children had reached adolescence period; this is the time when they rebel most. This is the period in their lives when they can be easily attracted to try new things like cigarettes, drugs and sex.

When they reach this age, this is the time you have to add some more rules and boundaries. They might counter that you are being inconsistent because they are now being subjected to rules that are different from their siblings. The best funny parental tips on this matter are to explain the various reasons for the changes – that age matters at this point in time.

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