Funny Parenting Tips on Pregnancy – Truth or Old Wives’ Tales

funny parenting tips

Pregnancy, especially if it is your first, can be an overwhelming and challenging experience. There are changes in the life of the expectant mom and discussing childbirth with friends and family, you will learn a lot of funny parenting tips. You can find them unbelievably hilarious but you follow because you think there is nothing wrong with them. When you deem those tips and advices to be beneficial to the baby, you will blindly submit without hesitation. After all, no mother would want anything other than what is best for her child.

funny parenting tipsYou will find so many funny parenting tips, many of which may be unsolicited. But in the end, you research about them. Can those be mere old wives’ tales or are they facts?

  • What is the truth about foods that a pregnant woman eats?
  • Pregnancy will surely give you mood swings, but why?
  • Should you pay attention to the predictions about your baby’s gender?

Let us take these questions one by one. See what could be the funny parenting tips about them. Do not be amused if you find them as mere “old wives’ tales”.

Funny parenting tips about food cravings

During the first trimester of pregnancy, a would-be mother are said to have food cravings. It is just unfortunate that in many instances the desired foods, especially fruits are off season. Here are common funny parenting tips on food eaten by expectant moms which are mostly old wives’ tales. Know what could be factual about the tales.

  • The expectant mother must be extra careful in choosing the foods that she craves for because the baby could resemble such food. If the mother craves for black berries, the baby will have dark complexion. The sensible tip is not to believe this as the look of the child takes from the genes of the parents or from the bloodline.
  • If a mother wants a baby girl, she should eat more sweet foods. If she wants the baby to be a boy, she should eat sour foods. Well, where is the connection? This is purely old wives’ tales. What a mother must eat are nutritious foods as they can affect her health and that of the baby. What is exactly true is that an expectant woman indeed develops cravings for foods.

Roller coaster mood swings

Women who are pregnant can have frequent mood swings. This is because of the hormonal changes in the body. The happy feeling can easily turn to be upsetting. The family members should understand the sudden moodiness and unpredictability of the expectant mother. And perhaps, the mood swings can be due also to the food cravings that were not satisfied.
Baby gender prediction tips

One of the most fascinating funny parenting tips on pregnancy concerns the anxiety to know the gender of the coming baby. Again, there are superstitions. For instance, when a mother is very pretty during the first months of pregnancy, the baby is a girl. It is not only the mother who is excited with gender prediction but the father as well. Many couples go online for baby gender quizzes in order to get odds on the possible gender of the baby. This is fine and entertaining; the result of the quiz may not predict the baby’s gender. What is good with this is fostering the bond between husband and wife which gives the expectant mother a feeling of security and love. The couple resorts to the Drano test where the gender of the baby is determined by the color of the mother’s urine. A urine turning dark in color means a baby boy and no change in urine color predicts the gender to be female. The old wives’ tales are not totally deleted albeit the technology that we have today in gender prediction such as the fetal ultrasound. With the right position and the maturity of the baby, the gender can be predicted after the sixteenth week of pregnancy.

There are indeed a lot of funny parenting tips and beliefs about pregnancy. They are fun to consider; some could be observed as precautionary measures. However, the priority is for the mother to safeguard her health as this precludes the safety and health of the baby.

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