List of Funny Parenting Tips for Moms and Dads: Do They Differ?

funny parenting tips

Both fathers and mothers have responsibility in bringing up children; they have common goals however, they can have differences in their parenting methods. Funny parenting tips are great to note; you will find here the many differences exercised by fathers and mothers over their children. Could it be due that the ways are gender specific?

While it is true that that the two parents oppose in some of their methods, it is very evident that they concur in some ways toward a common goal. That would be their similarities. Both dads and moms, regardless of their different personalities, have only the best intention for their children. Let us try to check the funny parenting tips on their differences and let us also check how they concur in their common goal.

Funny parenting tips on how moms and dads differ

funny parenting tipsHere are some funny parenting tips on how dads and moms differ in their rearing methods.

  • While mothers are by far too nurturing, fathers are disciplinarians to the extent of being too strict and restrictive. Being nurtured, you are protected of life’s hazards. The father on the other hand prepares you to handle life away from your mother’s wings.
  • A mother is basically “hands on” to her children while a father normally stays away where his work takes him.
  • A mother’s loving care is expressed in keeping her children away from the real world while a father brings the children to the realities of living in the real world. A child is taught how to survive while a mother shields her children under her apron.
  • The mother is always around when the child needs her. Although the father is also always available for his children, he often is afar to work and be the family provider. This is more felt when the child is ill where the mother is always at the bedside, frantically taking the child’s temperature every now and then.
  • The mother is more demonstrative and more affectionate. Only few dads are as passionate as the mothers. Hugs and kisses are not easily gotten from the father but the mother does this at any moment.

Parents share the same things – their similarities

Here is a part of the many funny parenting tips; your parents may be implementing different parental methods but they share the same common grounds and principles. Whatever differences you may notice, they have powerful similarities in that they are your anchor in all the challenges of your life. Both have their own unique personalities but they hold the same ground when it comes to your best intentions. They work hand in hand to your success.

Look back and see that the funny parenting tips include the fact that they had been there, together as one, in preparing you in a transformation from being a child to becoming an adult. Their similarities are very evident when it comes to your future, happiness, success and overall well-being. You will find them expressing things in different manners but behind the diverse method, the core is exactly the same.

These comprise the core of the similarities. They believe on directing you to morality, respect and hard work. They sacrifice for your education and academic excellence. Observing how they prepare for your future, you will be made to believe that they have only one kind of personality. And when worse situations befall you, you have them as your crying shoulders. They are ever ready to forgive and to accept the mistakes you have made.  But remember that they are the people who are also least tolerant of your laziness and lack of drive to succeed.

Cling on to these funny parenting tips and you will always find an ally in your life. They are your family and they will always be on your side, whatever happens. You will be on the road to success because ahead of you is your torch – the different yet similar dad and mom.

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