Mistakes Made By Parents in Disciplining Children

disciplining children

While parenting is not as easy as it seems, many parents can get confused between the right and wrong ways to get their children to learn their manners and behave properly. There are many things that parents keep doing in hopes of getting their children disciplined but in reality, they just make it worse. There are some things mentioned in the following text that spoil children more than they benefit them.


disciplining childrenYou cannot be angry yourself and try to tell your child to calm down. If you are setting an example of being furious, your child will learn the same thing. He or she will think that being angry is the best way to convey your message to the other person, when in reality, it leads to nothing but more problems.


If you have a certain criteria for kids to give them some privileges, like they can play outside only if they clean their room, then you should stick to those conditions. If you allow your child to take benefit of the promised reward, despite the fact that they did not fulfill their end of the deal, then you are sending a wrong message. They are only children, who will get confused and become lousy when it comes to catering to their responsibilities.

Difference in Speech and Action

When you want your child to follow your instructions, you are supposed to act accordingly as well. For example, you tell your child to not shout from the other room, rather come close to you and then start talking. But if you do this yourself, even if not with child but other adults in the house, the child will see this attitude and follow you, instead of your verbal instructions.

Ignoring the Causes

Your child might be going through some real problem. You are a grown up and the issues of a child might not seem very big to you but as a little kid, it is something that is a problem from them at their age. Do not try to overlook the situation when your child is asking you to help them resolve something, even if it is as small as putting on their favorite pair of shoes, or looking for a lost toy. This will teach your children to help out others, and especially you, when you are in trouble. If you are not willing to help them out, they will never develop this important trait.

Unnecessary Nagging

You are supposed to remember that at certain ages, children are going to have some habits and activities that might seem annoying to you but they are part of their growth and childhood. For instance, your five year old likes to experiment with making different noises. To some extent, this is acceptable because it is their age to do such things. Yes, you have the right to stop your child if they constantly do irritating things, but you need to remember that some activities are linked to their age and are a part of growing up.

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