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Most parents will agree that the most formidable part of raising children is taming them during their teens. Parents will be in dire need for parenting advice to help the teen son or daughter gain self-control. Some parents, being too challenged, consider this teen period as a bad experience. But I would say this is not always the case. Every teenager has his own personality and they can be what they are depending on the rules set in the house. The task of the parents is in bridging the gap from childhood to adulthood, making parenting advice as an essential tool.

Growing children can be resilient but their bond with their parents can be the powerful pull to control them. Every child when properly reared wants to please the parents. Deep down, they want to be the pride of the family. Often, they take the parents as role models. Thus, if this is the case for your child, you have to be what you want your teen child to be.

Parenting advice – teens could be hard to handle.

parenting adviceTeens are difficult to handle because this is the time when they begin to explore. Isn’t it that drug addiction, sex and vices begin when they are in their teens? They smoke and drink; then they move to marijuana, heroin, cocaine and ecstasy. These can be avoided and the first step is being able to talk to these growing adolescents through the best parenting advice.

Talking to the child is the most important approach.

How do you begin? The key to your open dialogue with your child is to start early and to talk to them as often as possible. Do it slowly and very explicitly. Remember that the media (TV especially) and the Internet can affect your teen; what they see or learn here can start their curiosity. They are taboo but once you prohibit them, the more curious they become. They can be influenced in school by their classmates. There is no perfect moment to talk to them; the best time is to have the dialogue before they form their own ideas. If you delay, they can totally bypass you.

Be the first teacher of your child about sex, the father to his son and the mother to her daughter. You can have lessons in life as your examples, people who failed because they were lured to these bad habits. Take all the possible chances and breaks to share ideas and form their thoughts the way you want them to see things.

How should you talk to the teen?

A lot of things have to be taken in consideration when you start your dialogue with your teenage son or daughter.

  • As a parenting advice, put yourself in the shoes of your teen child meaning, talk with him from a teenager’s perspective. This means asking his opinion, listening to his arguments and giving your own view. Let your child think that you are open-minded and reasonable.
  • Keep in mind that boys are boys and girls are girls. The topics discussed with them can be gender specific so dad to the son and mom to the daughter.
  • If the topics are sensitive and tough, make sure that you do it slowly and clearly. There are topics that call for “parental guidance” but as they are essential to the growth and sexuality of the children, they must be introduced. Do it step by step.
  • Honesty is your ally. If you cannot be this kind of parent, then your child will not trust you anymore. In addition, be consistent.

Who says that controlling a teenage child is easy? You need herculean effort to tame and discipline a child at this age. Parenting advice is your weapon; let him grow into a good teenager by setting example and by consistently talking to him. Be his friend to make him listen and obey.

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