Parenting Advice on What Style to Adapt When Raising a Child

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Parenting is a task that requires commitment, determination and outmost sacrifice.  Perfection in the job may be hard to accomplish but it is possible through parenting advice. There are tons of variables because parents are not alike and children have their own uniqueness. This is the cause of the different approaches. But the important weapon in doing this most tough job is to heed the best parenting advice that brings out the best in every individual.

What parents need is a relaxed mindset; stress can make you less focused on the needs of the children. And because children can be molded in different ways, listen to the parenting advice of experts. Although there are different styles, your type may be better than another person’s.

Here are the different parenting styles to raise a child.

Parenting advice on authoritative style

parenting adviceThe first style is the authoritative way. This is family centered where the children are given the chance to participate on deciding the best things for them. The parenting advice when using this style makes parents more flexible. You want the child to follow your rules but children are given the chance to understand the rules first. Call this method as democratic approach because you allow the child to participate in framing his world. This style gives balance and focus on positive attitude. Some experts consider this the best style but it is no doubt very difficult to master and implement. Parents will always have the tendency to exercise their authority over the children.

Understanding authoritarian style

In understanding parenting advice, you will inevitably discover that the authoritarian style is the exact opposite of the authoritative model because this is the least flexible. Parents will expect the children to follow without questions or explanations. This style is imposing thus resulting in many cases to rebellion of children as the strict way of molding the child becomes overbearing. This style gives the parents full control of the actions and activities of the children. Yes, you can make the children abide by the rules – blindly. Because of blind obedience, children develop he tendency to be too dependent on being dictated on what are to be done. The child loses his sense of confidence.

Permissive parenting style

Do you get parenting advice about implementing permissive parenting? This is a style that can be damaging to the child as this may overindulge the child. There will just be a handful of rules for children to follow. Children get what they want and in most cases, these kids become accustomed to getting what they want. There is no room for a “NO” answer coming from the parents or elders. Sometimes, this can lead to lack of respect. This style may have one good attribute. This fosters loving and warm parent-child relationship. But this is flawed by the fact that in the house, the kids rule. The leniency can make the children become spoiled brats.

Uninvolved style or neglectful parenting

This may be the worst of the styles and must not be the way to rear children. Most experts do not recommend this; however it is also common. Under this style, the parents do not limit their children and neither do they set rules in the house. “To each his own” is the way to describe this style. The neglectful parents may still provide their children with their necessities but there may be no emotional involvement. There is no love lost between the child and the parent, at some point they can be estranged.

Best choice of parenting style – balanced parenting

What some analysts of parenting advice and styles of parenting often overlook is a kind of style that may be best for both parents and children. This is balanced parenting where both mother and father keep an even tone, meaning they are neither too lenient nor too strict. The parents do not live by the books but they take each situation as they come and as they are. There are no general rules, no specific boundaries; there is flexibility but there is control over the children.

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