Positive Parenting Skills as Important Aspects of Parenthood

parenting skills

Parenting is an experience characterized by an outpour of emotions. You cry and you worry but there are also jumps of joy and memorable celebrations. Parenting skills may vary as each family tends to have some uniqueness and each unique kind of parent may have to learn and master his own applicable parenting skills. There are some guides, CDs and books devoted to parenting where parents can turn to for positive advices.

Often, you deviate from what these books and CDs teach because you will have lessons in life that you can call your very own parenting skills. Well, you will have to accept that no person is right all the time; there are margins of errors. Second, there are parenting guides that may work for one child but would not for another child albeit, these two are siblings. Third, mistakes are welcome as they teach you to make amends. Despite all the differences and uniqueness in one person or one family, there are few positive parenting practices that are safe and effective to any family.

Focus as one of the positive parenting skills to develop

parenting skillsTo any parent there needs to be focus on your child. Pay attention to your offspring especially in this era of technology. The invention of the cellphones, iPad, tablets and other electronic gadgets had affected lifestyles of parents and children. These gadgets became the focus, not only of children but of parents as well.  Although televisions could have had the similar reactions, the effect of the internet and online games are more focus-diminishing. Admit it; these had made an impact on positive parenting skills. It is not only the children who began to lack focus on their parents but it is common also in many households that these gadgets cause a decline of focus in parents toward their children.

Focus on children is to know what they do, where they are and what preoccupies their time. With positive parenting techniques, you can address their needs, wants and safety. Sadly, there had been reports on missing children. Why? The parents may have lacked the focus and children were left on their own to the extent of being exploited and abducted by strangers.

All parents need to get involved

The second basic in positive parenting skills is getting involved. The bond between parents and children is an important interaction. You have to be involved in their life, accomplishments and behavior. One way to show how involved you are with the children is to talk to them as frequently as time and schedule allow. Meet their friends so that you would know the kind of people they are interacting with. But most of all do not be reluctant to show how much you love them. Tell them “I love you”, hug them or kiss them.

The value of self-control

To exhibit self-control in front of your children is a manifestation of positive technique. This will teach your children to accordingly govern their emotions and second this is a protection for them. If you are not able to control yourself, you might hit your children when they do something wrong. Your outburst can cause an experience that your child will never forget. If you are this kind of parent and you want a good advice, go to a closed room and control your temper before confronting your child.

These are just three of the positive parenting skills that had been discerned to be very effective. Basic as they may be, they form the core of skills that can be used for any parenting style.

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