Preparing Goal and Chore Sheets as Parenting Skills Worksheets


A child can be trained to have discipline during his early years. The method need not be strict or stern. The parenting skills worksheets are ways of changing the attitudes of children towards goals and chores. When you are working with children, your goal sheets and chore records and accomplishments can be taught through the use of worksheets.

What is a worksheet?

parenting skills worksheetsWorksheet is just a printout, a sheet of paper where data must be placed or analyzed. In computer lingo such as Excel, it may be conceived as a spreadsheet. Parenting skills worksheets are different from the spreadsheet.

Children can be made to accomplish worksheets; they may not be aware what the sheet is. He may think of it to be a mere page of coloring book or dot to dot puzzle. But when parents work with children using worksheets, this can function as a behavior changer. Worksheets can be prepared by parents and these are parenting skills worksheets. If parents could not prepare the sheets themselves, they can download age-appropriate or topic-appropriate worksheets.

Different kinds of parenting skills worksheets

There are certain parenting skills to teach your kid. As a parent, you have to know what skills are needed by your children. Some would think of the parenting skills worksheets in the academic aspect only. Learning is not only about maths, reading, spelling or phonics.  Although many of the downloadable worksheets deal on school activities or classroom lessons, discipline parenting worksheets are equally important. In fact, these must be the first worksheets to be done by children. The molding of their behavior can emanate from such kinds of lessons.

As it is a child who will do the worksheet, it must be fun, engaging and easy to use. Worksheets can already be introduced to toddlers. This will not only train the child to cultivate his brain power but his motor skill as well. It is up to the parent to choose the worksheet. Just Google worksheets and you will have a plethora of kinds that can be suitable for any age.

As a parent, the first parenting skills worksheets that I believe must be learned first by my child pertains to character and good behavior. Thus, he should be introduced to goal worksheets and chore charts.

Goal worksheets

In the parenting skills goal worksheet, you can jot down the goals for the week. Although this covers a week, the sheet can be accomplished daily and completed at the end of the week. List down the simple goals but take note that the goal is not too generalized. Specific goals can be better answered.

Some examples of goals

  • Finished the work in school
  • Ate my fruits and veggies in the lunch box
  • Cleaned the mess after playing
  • Prayed before sleeping
  • Placed my clothes in the hamper

You can have as many goals as you wish your child to accomplish. Then you have seven additional columns representing the days of the week. Every day, your child has to check what he did. At the end of the week, let him count his checks. Reward him if he did well.

Chore sheets

The chore parenting skills worksheet is not really different from the goal worksheet. The difference is that this is more specific in the sense that the things to be accomplished are well-defined tasks, either in the house, in the school or in the community. To make it more challenging, assign higher points for more difficult chores.

This may be more difficult to you as parent because you have to give points for any chore done well or half-well. The points will vary depending on how you look at the accomplishment. This will be more challenging because he does not just need to do the task. He has to do it with perfection. The higher accumulated points mean he gets more rewards. Expect that he will complain about the points given and you must be ready with your reason.

You can make different parenting skills worksheets, depending on what you want your child to accomplish. However, whatever worksheet is prepared ensure that it is age appropriate. You can make varied worksheets, alternating goal, chore or other worksheets to make the task more exciting. In between, you can make him accomplish lessons in school worksheets.

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