Punishments for Kids That Work!

punishments for kids

Most of the parents think that if their child is misbehaving or not paying attention to their instruction, then the only way to make them listen is to scold them or even hit them. Well, this is not the case. Your child will have negative effects of being shouted at, rather than learning that what they are or were doing is wrong. Read through the following passage for consequences that will actually help your child.

Jar of Punishments

punishments for kidsTake any jar or can available in the house and fill it up with little pieces of paper with punishments written on most of them. The punishments could include, no television for a day, or no bicycle rides for a couple of days, etc. Whenever your young one misbehaves, have him or her pick one of the chits from the jar and fulfill the mentioned consequence. If an empty chit is produced, tell your child that it is their chance to fix their behavior without any punishments.

Keeping Things in Place

Parents, especially mothers keep telling their children to not leave their things lying around in the house, rather put them away once they are done using them. This chore often goes unnoticed and in the end, it is the mother who has to clean up after her kid. However, you can change this by actually putting away the things (video games, toys, favorite books, etc.) that your child refuses to.

When they demand for a specific thing, tell them to go look for it themselves. This will show the little one that it is much easier to put things away when they are not needed, rather than having to look for them when they do not even know where it is.

Slamming Doors and Throwing Tantrums

Kids, at a very young age learn that throwing tantrums and slamming doors are means of showing your disagreement. However, what they do not understand is that it is not an acceptable way-well because they are just kids. But as a parent, it is your job to make them see how wrong it is. A child who slams doors should be made to close the door quietly and nicely for some number of times before they learn their lesson.

As for a kid who keeps crying and gets out of control, tell them to go into a separate room and cry for ten to fifteen minutes. Now, the time period of tantrums is quite short, compared to this punishment period. This will make your ward see how annoying and irritating it gets, even if they are the one who is crying to make others pay attention.

There are other things like, bad handwriting used on purpose for which, you can make your child do extra writing exercises as a punishment. If the kid keeps doing unacceptable things behind a closed door, remove the door of their room-simple.

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