Single Parenting Tips for a Mom in Financial Distress

single parenting tips

It may be by choice, by chance or fate that there exist millions of single parents, not only in the United States but in the whole world. Not only the single mothers are suffering financial, moral and social insecurities but even males are. Often, the problems can make one lose hope but the situation can be saved from the breakdown by heeding some single parenting tips.

One of the toughest problems of single mothers is the financial aspect especially when the child is still a baby. Let us look into the possible causes for the financial setback, assuming that the mother is physically healthy. She is unable to work fulltime as there is no one to care for the baby. Well, there are federal governments that give aids to single mothers; is she eligible for this?  If you are a single mother, how can you address your financial distress? Here are some single parenting tips for this situation. Start listing down the possible sources and begin with the easiest and most potentially doable.

Single parenting tips – exert effort to find job

single parenting tipsYou have to find a job to get some money coming in. There is one problem to hurdle. This pertains on who can look after the baby when you go to work. I would not suggest that you put the baby in a child care or daycare as this can be very expensive such that at the end of the day, nothing is left from your wages. If there are no family members to look for the baby, your other option is to look for single moms like you and offer trade off. You take care of her baby when she works and she takes care of yours during your job’s time. One of the best single parenting tips is not to be choosy with a job offer. As long the pay can make you subsist and that the working hours is suitable to the trade-off, then grab it.

It is good to save money for a cheap laptop and internet. When you are at home, you can do some odd online jobs. You can also make needlework if you have the talent for this then sell them online. There is no limit to finding resources and as single parenting tips state, any job is good if it pays for your baby’s needs.

Get the father involved

Getting your child’s father to get involved is a good way to have financial assistance. Your child is entitled to some support from him and when he has a job then it is mandatory that he provides a portion of his salary to his child. Under any situation, you as mother can get support straight from his pay check. If he happens to be jobless, check out if the state has provisions for assistance to single mothers.

Family and friends may be able to help

Although it is true that family and friends may help, begging is the last resort. Of course your parents may have some extra money to dole out. Or if they do not have, then perhaps they can have time to care for the baby so that you can work. Considering your dilemma, even your friends can be generous to shell out some bucks for you and your baby. However, this source of financial aid cannot be regular. Consider this only in extreme exigency.

Cutting back on expenses

Cutting back on your expenses, especially the unnecessary ones can be a source of additional funds. The single parenting tips will recommend that you find the things that you can easily live without. You only spend for what you and the baby need. As a single parent, any financial inflow can be a great deal and would ultimately have a positive impact on the quality of life of your baby and you.

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