Single Parenting Tips for the Single Parent’s Sanity

single parenting tips

Indeed raising children is tough where you as parent have to look after your children 24/7. It becomes worst when you are alone in doing the hard task. Single parenting can bring impossible demands and check out if the single parenting tips you know can be of help to retain your sanity. I will speak here on the case of solo moms.

Single parenting tips: situations that can make a solo parent lose sanity

single parenting tipsBeing a single parent, you cannot take time off; there is no provision for vacation or leave of absence as you have to work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You have to carefully plan your actions as spontaneous decisions can affect your kids in one way or another. Single parenting tips will keep haunting you that as solo parent, there is no father to alternate in caring for the child.

If you are a single mother, you can easily get depressed; it is not that women are less strong than men. You can be burnt out due to the demands of the responsibilities. And when you fail, your depression aggravates because you will lack a sense of fulfillment. There can be too much pressure and single parenting tips warn that you can lose your sanity.

The biggest strain though is financial problems. There is no father who will provide for the needs of the kid. Good if the father acknowledges his responsibilities, even only in financial matters. That will be less burdensome. Well, raising a child is never cheap, even if you only provide for the basic necessities. And if this is what you can only provide, you will feel so sorry that your kid could not have the slightest luxury that there is in his or her friends or playmates. And most painful is when you have to say “NO” to your child because you have no bucks or budget for extra activities. That is the worst feeling of any mother.

Therapeutic ways to keep you sane

You have to keep your sanity for your child. Here are some single parenting tips that can help keep your mind off the problem.

  • Do not be afraid to ask for help. Go to your family and friends; you will be doing it not for yourself alone but also for the benefit of your child. If you cannot go to these people, go to your local church, pastor or priest. These are non-judgmental people and advisers.
  • Join some civic organizations or support group that can help you in your daily necessities like food, clothes and shelter. Talking with other moms who have the same experience as yours can make you realize that you are not alone.
  • If you cannot work because nobody will take care of your child, work out a plan with another single mom like you. Offer trade-off in watching each other’s child. This can even give you a break.
  • Give some time to yourself. On the way home, sit on a bench in the park or just stroll around or read a book. Just give yourself some time to think and do some soul searching or planning. Being by yourself can open your mind to positive thinking. This will also give you time to relax.
  • While looking after your kid, use your creativity. Put your hobby into an income-generating pastime. You can knit, crochet or cross stitch. Have you seen the website of Etsy? Google this virtual store for selling handmade goodies; this can be a market for you.
  • You can journalize. Write down your feelings. This form of single parenting tips is simple but it can be therapeutic. Write down your thoughts and fears as well as you accomplishments and plans.

The rewards to a single parent

Your situation is not bound to be hard all your life. Your finances can change and your kid would grow. What you teach him or her can be a lesson that will mold their character. In the end, they can be successful and they can payback for all your sacrifices.

The single parenting tips all sum up to standing firm and doing your best for the good of the child, albeit you are only a solo parent bringing up the kid. As you are now still in this period, step back and take a look at your baby. Tell yourself you can hurdle all the challenges of single parenthood.

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