Tips and Tricks for Parenting Teenagers

parenting teenagers

Teenage years of children, for some parents, can be very tricky. This is the age of their child where he or she is growing physically and emotionally, more than ever. Teenagers go through phases of mood swings and sometimes behave in ways that are alien to their parents because they never saw it coming. It is always good to know how to treat your teenage son or daughter according to their changing emotional needs.


parenting teenagersThe first step towards building a healthier bond with your teenage child is to educate yourself first. There are countless books available in the market, and if the effort seems too much, there is vast amount of material available on the internet-just like this article- to read through and prepare yourself for handling with a teenager in the best possible way.


You need to keep in mind that you were once a teenager yourself. Think about all the physical and emotional problems that you had to go through in these crazy years of your life. Try and figure out how you dealt with your issues at that age, or how you could have dealt with them in a more sensible way, had you known any better. Use your personal experience to benefit your child.


There is a difference between talking to your child and lecturing them and you need to remember this difference if you want to maintain a healthy bond with your teenage child. Do not always try to tell them that they are wrong and you are right. Yes, you are their parent and you are supposed to guide them towards the positive things in life but everything has a certain criteria. You should be prepared to talk to your child before they get into trouble-not after. Sit them down and discuss the issues that you think might arise during these years of their life (like drugs, peer pressure, alcohol, etc.) and be friendly. Do not use harsh tone, or scare them, rather guide them as a friend and you will see how easy the communication becomes.

Choosing Battles

Focus on the things that are more important because sometimes, you will have to drop the less important things in order to avoid permanent damage. What do you think is better to talk about if you are stuck in a situation, where you have to pick between getting a tattoo or purple hair? Of course, the tattoo. Purple hair will go away eventually, but a tattoo will stay with them for their life-or as long as they cannot afford to get it removed.

Set an Example

You are supposed to be a role model for your teenager. No matter how much you try to make them understand or act in a certain manner, no words will affect them as much as your actions. You are the first and foremost example for your children to follow-be the best you.

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