Tips And Tricks For Toddler Discipline

A toddler is a child aged between a few months to three years old. At this age, he or she is unable to understand much of which you say verbally but even if it is little and said in a manner that is harsh or unkind, it will negatively affect the mental growth of your child in the early years. All parents want their toddler to be at their best behavior at all times but there are certain ways to help them adopt the manners that you want them to attain.


toddler disciplineConsistency is a vital part of your behavior to get your toddler to act in a proper way that pleases you and everyone around you. Claire Lerner, LCSW, director of parenting resources with Zero to Three, a nationwide nonprofit promoting the healthy development of babies and toddlers says, “”If your reaction to a situation keeps changing — one day you let your son throw a ball in the house and the next you don’t – you’ll confuse him with mixed signals.” This statement by an expert clearly shows how important it is to stick to your own words and actions, or your toddler will not be the one at fault, you will be.

Think Wisely

Yes, you are a grown up and you are their parent but they are just a toddler who is not even familiar with how to follow basic instructions and act appropriately. You cannot expect them to understand all the things that are required to be done at certain times. These things might seem a regular day work to you because that is how it is supposed to be, but to them, it means nothing.

For example, if you are asking your toddler to put on their shoes because you are going out and they refuse, it only means that they are not old enough to realize that to go outside, they need to put on shoes. It has got nothing to do with behavior issues. So just politely tell them that you know it is something that they do not like to do but they have to, otherwise their feet will get dirty. Try this little trick and see wonders happen.

Praise and Attention

You need to remember, at all times, that as a toddler your child does not understand that you have got other important things to do or that their little needs, which are quite big to them, can be dealt with five minutes later. If you give your toddler the impression that you keep delaying the things that they want from you, like attention, some praise, or a little help, then they will, in return, misbehave. Sometimes, as adults, we fail to remember that toddlers require some extra effort and we need to work on it if we wish to see them happy and well-mannered.

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