Toddler Discipline: An Overview

Sometimes parents misunderstands a toddler’s cry for attention as bad behavior. Most of the times, all that little one is doing is requesting you to comfort them or fulfill their need-well, the way they are asking for it might not be too pleasing for you. It is not easy to deal with a toddler as you might want to fulfill their rightful desires but not spoil them. Continue reading to figure out how to deal with a toddler.

Know Your Toddler

toddler disciplineAs a parent, you should try to keep track of things that put off your child. If you know what will make them misbehave or act in a way that can raise eyebrows, then you can avoid putting them in that situation at all. There must be something at home that attracts your child more than anything else, like tearing the newspaper and throwing it around. Why don’t you put the newspaper at such a place where it is unreachable? Or, if there is a specific toy or book, that your child does not like sharing and guests are coming over with their children, you should put away that toy or book, instead of forcing them to share it and creating a scene that could have been avoided.

Be Precise

A toddler, at his or her age, is unable to absorb long and detailed explanations. Especially kids who are below 2 years of age cannot comprehend what you are trying to describe to them. All they understand is a “no”, or a “yes” and nothing more. Whereas, a 2 years old can understand some of the reasons that you provide, while a 3 years old can be convinced a little more, such as shortage of time for other tasks that they like if they waste time on something that does not interest them. But, no matter 1, 2, or 3 years old, a toddler is still a toddler and their attention span is very small. It is not enough to take in and figure out the meaning of your long instructions and rules. Be as straightforward as possible and your child will understand you better.

No Hitting or Snatching

If you, as a parent are going to set an example of snatching something from the hands of a toddler, what do you think will your child learn-asking politely for things they want? No, not at all. A parent’s actions are a kids biggest teachers. The only thing your child will learn from this is to snatch things from others that you want for yourself. Distract your child from that certain thing and take it away in a tactful way. This will help you avoid a tantrum and negative effects.

Furthermore, hitting will be as harmful as snatching because just like the prior stated, your kid will learn to hit others to make them listen to them, which, as an adult, you know is very wrong and shameful.

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