Toddler Discipline: What Sends a Negative Message

As parents, everyone tries their best to figure out ways that will only be of benefit and advantage to their little child but we are only humans and we do make errors but sometimes these mistakes have grave consequences. There are a few things that parents need to avoid doing because they will only end in more misbehavior and nothing else.

Negative Discussions about Behavior

toddler disciplineYes, your toddler misbehaved and made a mistake, but can you name one toddler around the globe who has never thrown any tantrums or been on the wrong side of behavior for a few seconds? Can you assure that when you were that age, you never misbehaved? I am sure you can’t. You should not remember the misbehavior of your toddler for too long and definitely not discuss it with other people, especially in front of your child. This will have a very deep impact on your kid. You will make them think that they are not good enough and you are portraying their worst picture in front of others. In the coming years, this will decrease their confidence and self-esteem.

Do Not Argue Mindlessly

Please be considerate of the fact that you are an adult while your toddler is, well, just a toddler. Your kid is not old enough to see what is right and wrong, or why you are stopping them from doing something. They do not see the potential harm that their actions might cause. If you are stopping him or her from doing something in a specific area, like experimenting with sockets and putting figures through the output holes, and they aren’t backing away, instead of arguing, you can pick up your child and move them to another area, form a distraction, and problem solved.

If the toddler is being stubborn about something, you cannot explain to them to give up and move on. What will you be tempted to do? Scream at them so that they get scared and stop whining. Well, that is not a solution. The only way to resolve stubbornness in a toddler is to give them something that is very alike to their demand and takes their mind of the original thing.


For a child as young as 2 or 3, it is impossible to comprehend the concept of punishments or why you are making him or her do a certain thing. They do not understand that these are consequences of their behavior. Hitting your child or lecturing them at this tender age has no positive effects, rather a lot of negative aspects to them.

  • It will compromise their confidence and make them incapable of doing things that they did very well before.
  • Shouting and screaming at toddlers shatters their trust. They feel like they cannot complain to you any more or put forward, even their rightful needs.

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