What Not to Do When Parenting Teenagers

parenting teenagers

Yes, it is good to keep an eye on your children and know what they are up to but somewhere along the way, parents forget that their child is growing up and wants to be an independent person themself. Especially in the teenage years, if you will try to do more than which is required, your child will repel you rather than become closer. In the following text, you will find a few things that you are not supposed to do when your child reaches their teenage.

Protection, Not Suffocation

parenting teenagersProtecting your child is totally different than suffocating them, and you are required to keep this in mind. There is a fine line between telling your child to return home at a specific time and not letting them go out at all. Teenagers need time to themselves and with their friends, where they are able to communicate freely and have fun doing what they like, rather than being dictated at all times.

No Set of Rules

If the parents are unaware of what they want their child to follow, how do you expect the adolescent to behave properly? Both the parents are supposed to talk to each other before they try to tell their teenage child to do or not do something. The parents should decide the rules that they want to be followed and then make sure that they stay on the same page when they deal with their teenaged child. If you are not sure of what you expect your child to do, you cannot blame him or her for misbehaving.

Focusing Too Much on the Little Things

As a parent, it is your right to point out the things that you think will lead your child to negative consequences. But if you over do this one thing, it will cause your teenaged child to become distant from you. At times you need to realize that there are things that you need to let go rather than nagging over them all the time. For example, keeping the room clean is not that big of an issue but if you ignore bad influence problems and focus on this small problem, don’t you think you are making a mistake?

Expecting Too Much

Believing that only your child is supposed to be the number one in everything and fulfill all of your expectations is something very wrong. Every teenager is capable of certain things and lacks in accomplishing others and it is a fact that needs to be accepted by all parents. If you will pressurize your child to achieve what he or she cannot achieve and keep ignoring the wonderful things that they are actually doing, they will give up on making any effort, what so ever, which will be a greater loss in the long run.

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